01 Jul 2017

3 Mistakes to Avoid while Marketing in Social Media

The latest trends in marketing these days seem to be all going online, which isn’t really a surprise to anyone in the business world. Practically every trend can have a virtual counterpart, which again, isn’t news. So, in the tech-savvy business world, people are bound to make marketing mistakes, especially in social media. Here are three major mistakes to avoid on social media.

1.      Too Much/Spam

Flooding posts is a huge problem for many companies I see taking a crack at the social media world. The truth is, the more posts does NOT mean the better. In fact, posting all boils down to style.

Many businesses that excel in social media marketing do a great job of having a cleverness about them and awareness of current trends and news. Staying up to date is important, as staying relevant on social media is really key to growing in social media as a whole.

2.      Advertising Overload

Similar to flooding your follower’s feed with too many posts, advertising too much is just as mad of a mistake. Now, advertising in practically the main reason companies are on social media…Obviously. However, it must be done with a cushion behind it.

So…what’s a cushion? Well, having posts that may make your consumers laugh, or feel a positive emotion is a great way to settle into an advertisement post. When it comes to the ad post itself, make sure you make it as visually appealing as possible, in order to catch any potential customer’s eyes. Think of advertisement posts as a flyer on a window full of competitors, so make sure they stand out as much as possible.

3.      No Specific Target Audience

Of course, every company most likely has an idea of who they want to market to. However, it isn’t quite that simple when it comes to social media. Avoid broad posting as much as possible, and focusing on your target with related topics on your posts in the best way to be specific.

So, how do you focus posts to your target audience? Well hashtags and links in posts are a good way to start. For example, a post revolving around a new workout shake- “Make sure to check out our new #protein shake in our online stores today! –(link) #fitness #health.

If these three mistakes are avoided, you are on your way to a successful venture on social media marketing!


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