Month: May 2017

31 May 2017

3 Tips for Excellent Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a vast and dangerous world, but if you’re already pursuing the dream of becoming an entrepreneur, then you have already realized that. However, for beginners, starting up is often times, if not all the time, the most difficult task throughout the process. Which corner to turn to, which path to follow, where should […]

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30 May 2017

Business Model: How To Define It

Starting and running a business successfully is no easy task. It takes long days and even longer nights of tenuous work. Hussain Sajwani, founder and CEO Damac Group, attributes success to luck and vision. The first step to starting a successful business is taking something you love and then finding a way to make money […]

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27 May 2017

How To Impress An Investor

Investors make sure they test the waters first and when he finds it successful then they can think to invest. Sometimes investing is like gambling, the bet may be unsure, chances of success may slack off.Almost every entrepreneur is assured of hundred percent success while investors on their side need more confidence from the entrepreneur, […]

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01 May 2017
product marketing

Product Marketing Strategies You Must Know

If you want your business to succeed, it is very important that you spend time, money and a lot of effort in planning your product marketing strategy. Having an exceptional product or service will not ensure that your business will succeed. However, if you have a great marketing or promotional strategy, there is a big […]

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