28 Jun 2017

Should You Enter a Flooded Market?

Trends. Trends are what make the world go around, at least in terms of business. Our world influences what products topple the markets and create new roads for entrepreneurs to travel down. Trends such as fidget spinners, popular game or movie titles, virtual reality, and so on, are some examples of trends.

            Is there a time where it’s too late to enter these markets though? Well, of course. It’s easy to miss out on great opportunities, but rather difficult to time when to go for something. So, when should you go into a flooded market?

            Well, if you see a trend starting to set in, make sure the growth is rapid, and in a quick amount of time. Sometimes, it can be a bit risky as some trends die out quicker than it took for them to start, so noticing these trends is truly an art.

            Of course, it is possible for everyone to get in on trends such as capitalizing on fashion. The best way to judge an early entry however, is to check the growth across the country, not just a state. If for example, you noticed the trend of fidget spinners widely covering many countries and gaining attention on media, it’s usually a great sign.

            Finally, your best resource to use here is social media, as with pretty much everything these days. Social media outlets such as twitter literally is a breeding ground for trends, and is a simple yet effective way to spot out trends. So, should you go into flooded markets that are trends? Well, if it seems like it will last some time based on research and the risk/reward factor is balanced decently, then absolutely. It’s a great way to bank in on what our society craves, resulting in immediate profit, and company exposure.


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