29 Jun 2017

How to Effectively Use Social Media in Marketing

Social media is without a doubt, one of the largest and most effective ways to build a company’s brand these days, and it really isn’t too difficult. It also does not exhaust many resources, as other popular marketing strategies have in the past.

            Many people once thought that social media was just a way for friends to stay in touch, but it has quickly become an empire in today’s society. Capitalizing on this opportunity is a necessity in order to stay atop of the competition in business. But, just how do you become effective at doing so?

            Well, the first and obvious step is understanding your market. No, knowing your targeted age group is 18-45-year-old males is not enough. You have to know exactly who you want to persuade and who are already consumers of your product(s) or service(s). Once you have that understood, you’ll be able to understand how to move forward.

            However, moving forward in social media marketing isn’t as simple as counting 123. Marketing in this field is all about timing. Knowing when to send out posts and what to post is crucial. The best thing to do before actually regularly posting is finding when the social media you are using, has its highest traffic time. For example, if you want to utilize twitter, find out the times it has its peaks in traffic, like 5-7 p.m. central time.

            If you are just beginning, hashtags will be your friend, but make sure you use them effectively. Often times, posts will be overlooked when a user sees too many hashtags. Try to either use them in the post, or create a separate line for a few hashtags. For example, “Try our new #candy, which is #glutenfree and has no artificial sugar!”

            Posting frequently is something that needs to be done as well. 8-10 times a day, even starting out, is a solid number throughout a day. On some days, you may want to post much more, and some days, much less. Again, it is all about timing. Also, spreading out posts is key as well, as you don’t want to flood follower’s feeds with a bunch of text and pictures.

            Make sure your posts include a lot of visuals and bold, or CAPS lettering, as this will catch the viewers eyes. Catching the eye of potential consumers is the whole idea of social media marketing after all, so focusing on this is rather important. Also, make sure you don’t rattle on too much with text, at least without an attention getter, because chances are, longer posts, will certainly be ignored.

            Finally, you should not limit yourself to one social media. Sure, depending on the product, you may want to focus on certain social media outlets than the other, but having your company on multiple platforms will just gain you exposure. For any business, I’d say starting with Instagram and Twitter is the best, as Facebook isn’t as user friendly for marketing as others.



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